How to implement Risk Management
Software effectively

For the successful implementation of any system we need to take into consideration people, process and systems: People: We require buy-in for risk management from the top and execution and ownership from management. We need a passionate and committed project champion. We need a champion / facilitator to drive the collection of quality input on an ongoing basis resulting in quality output which the business leaders can use when making business decisions. Process: We need a defined process. Fortunately the risk management process is well defined in the COSO and ISO31000 frameworks. System: We need a system that is simple to implement, easy to use, is non-intrusive and provides valuable, up-to-date reporting and insights at the click of the button. This Infographic outlines a process that will:

  • Help you to get buy-in for Risk Management from the top (board and Executive Committee)
  • Define and explain the Risk Management process
  • Demonstrate how to implement and embed effective Risk Management within your organisation taking into account People, Process and Systems.
  • Provide a step-by-step guide on how to implement Risk Management software in your organisation
  • Provide a checklist of what is required at each step of the implementation process
  • Guarantee success when implementing Risk Management software in your organisation
  • Drive accountability and ownership for managing risk in your organisation
  • Demonstrate the practical benefits of Risk Management to your board, Executive Committee, management and all stakeholders