Spotlight Session Insight: Version 11.2 with new interface for RCSAs, Surveys, Questionnaires and KIs  

March 11, 2024

Introduction and Agenda

Thank you very much to everyone who joined the Spotlight session on the 29th February 2024.

Version 11 offers our clients a fresh, modern and simplified web-based user interface for risk management utilising the latest web-based technology.

Version 11.2 now incorporates all existing BarnOwl Lite functionality and more, including registers (risk, incidents, action plans), risk & control self-assessments (RCSAs), surveys, questionnaires and major enhancements to key indicators (taking into account financial periods).
In addition, Version 11.2 comes with significantly enhanced Power BI reporting with extensive risk dashboards including risk, control and key indicator trends, survey analysis integrated with compliance, as well as extensive audit dashboards showing project progress, findings and audit test results.
The following agenda was covered:

  • BarnOwl User Interfaces
  • BarnOwl License Types and Functionality
  • Features of BarnOwl v11.2
  • Demo BarnOwl v11.2: Surveys, Questionnaires, RSAs, CSAs, Key Indicators (KIs)
  • Demo BarnOwl v11.2 Power BI
  • How do I upgrade to BarnOwl v11?
  • Conclusion
  • Q&As

BarnOwl User Interfaces

We have introduced new terminology for the two BarnOwl user interfaces:

  • BarnOwl Desktop: BarnOwl Rich (for Risk Management, Compliance and Audit) is now called the BarnOwl Desktop app. Minor enhancements have been made to the BarnOwl desktop app. SMC will remain in the desktop app. BarnOwl Desktop will still work exactly the same way and continue to be used for administrative tasks.
  • BarnOwl Web: BarnOwl Lite (for risk management) is now called BarnOwl Web. V11.2 now incorporates much of BarnOwl’s extensive desktop app (‘rich’) risk functionality and will become the default user interface for risk management whilst the desktop app (‘rich’) will be used mainly for administrative tasks.
  • Latest web-based technology
    Modern, clean-cut user interface
    Simplified navigation
    Standardised look & feel across all registers and forms (pages)
    Risk on a page simplifies risk taxonomy
    Enhanced Surveys, Questionnaires, RSAs, CSAs and KIs
    Performance enhancements

  • BarnOwl Reporting
  • BarnOwl query reporting
    Power BI (Risk, Voting, Surveys, Compliance, Audit) (directly off the BarnOwl database)
    SSRS (directly off the BarnOwl database)
    BarnOwl data warehouse with Power BI dashboards (paid for module)

BarnOwl License Types and Functionality:

You can find further detail on license types and functionality at:

Features of BarnOwl v11.2

Features included in version 11.2 include:

  • Surveys
  • Info button for: category, sub category and question answer set
    View attached template documents

  • Questionnaires
  • Control self-assessment (including reviewer) voting
  • Recurrence with start and end date
    Reviewer enhancements
    Moderated action plans
    Proxy votes
    Risk self-assessment voting

  • Key Indicators
  • Financial periods with targets and re-assessment rules
    My key indicator register with period finalisation
    Key indicator period values

  • Action plan recurrence (with start and end date)
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • BarnOwl Web with custom queries register report
    SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) reporting
    Risk Power BI dashboard
    Voting (RSA, CSA) Power BI dashboard
    Surveys / Compliance Power BI dashboard
    Audit Power BI dashboard

    How do I upgrade to V11?

    The upgrade process is fully automated with a wizard-driven approach enabling Clients to upgrade themselves. This enables the Client to plan the timing of their Upgrade taking into consideration your IT approval processes, your change management process (i.e. communicating the impact of the new version to your users) and booking BarnOwl training where required.
    BarnOwl’s standard Power BI and SSRS reports are available to you at no additional cost. Please log a call with to find out more and please copy your BarnOwl account manager where possible.
    Please see:


    BarnOwl Version 11: