Tip of the Month: BarnOwl Remote Training

May 19, 2020

Did You Know?
You can now attend BarnOwl Training from the comfort of your home or office space!
Generic and Client Based Training is now offered for:

  • BarnOwl Risk Management
  • BarnOwl Lite / BarnOwl Eclipse
  • BarnOwl Compliance
  • BarnOwl Internal Audit

If there is anything that you are struggling with or that you require training on / a refresher, we have started carrying out specialised remote training sessions. You are more than welcome to contact us for additional information or for a quote.
Fig 1:
The BarnOwl remote online training sessions are more convenient and cost effective than standard training sessions:

  • You have the convenience of taking part in these sessions from the comfort of your home or office space. This saves you time by not being stuck in traffic and significantly reduces travel expenditure especially if you are located in another country or province.
  • You can choose to only include certain features which you find yourself or your team struggling with when making use of Client Specific Training Sessions.
  • We have reduced the cost of our online generic training sessions significantly. Please see upcoming training courses for more information on future training sessions or contact Jade@BarnOwl.co.za to plan client specific training sessions

How Do The Remote Training Sessions Work?

Our classroom based online training sessions are offered in a secure data centre cloud, which allows for highly interactive and secure training sessions. We are able to carry out the training session in a similar way to our in-person training sessions. Your facilitator or trainer will provide the training through an online meeting portal such as Teams or GOTO Meeting and you will be able to work together on the remote BarnOwl Database via the cloud. The trainer will be able to guide you throughout the process as well as share his or her screen with you making the training session very interactive.
We have carried out remote training sessions for Generic training in the past and here is some of the feedback received:

How Do I Book a Remote Training Session

At present we offer two types of training sessions:

  1. Generic Training Sessions

Generic training sessions take place on predetermined dates. Our upcoming Generic training sessions are split into 4 hour sessions and are available for booking at: https://barnowl.co.za/training/. Training will be conducted on a Generic BarnOwl database referred to as the BarnOwl ABC database. The course content for each generic training session is set out at:https://barnowl.co.za/training/

  1. Client Specific Training Sessions

Client specific training sessions are booked at your own convenience. You request a date for these sessions which are then booked subject to BarnOwl resource availability. You will be trained on a copy of your own database (if made available) or on our Generic ABC database. The course content can be tailored to meet your specific needs depending on which aspects of the particular module you would like to focus on. This can be based on your usage of BarnOwl within your organisation as well as any areas where you or your colleagues may be struggling.
Fig 2:

What Are The Costs Involved?

Training sessions are charged at:

  • R 1000 per delegate per 4-hour Generic Training session. Online seats are limited to 12 so please book timeously to secure your place. (charged per person)
  • R 6 000 per 4-hour session for Client Specific training sessions (charged per session up to a maximum of 12 people)

Free Spotlight Sessions

We have started running Free Remote (online) Spotlight Sessions. These will take place every couple of months and cover a wide range of topics relating to the BarnOwl software. The Spotlight sessions are normally between 1 and 2 hours in duration. The number of delegates is unlimited since Spotlights are ‘view only’ and not hands-on. You will always be able to find upcoming spotlight dates and related information at: www.barnowl.co.za/events
Our first two remote spotlight sessions were held on the 28th and 29th April 2020. These were a huge success and saw 40 to 50 people attending each session. You can view more information on these past Spotlight sessions here:

Our next Spotlight Session will focus on “What’s new in the Internal Audit module” and is scheduled for June 2020.” Watch this space for details.
We look forward to you joining us for online training and for our free Spotlight sessions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.