Tip of the Month: Closing Unused Register Tabs to Speed Up Performance

June 28, 2016

Tip of the Month – Closing Unused Register tabs to Speed up Performance
image006Did you know?
You can speed up BarnOwl’s performance by closing unused Register tabs.
In BarnOwl, you can have several tabs open at a time, which enables you to switch between registers quickly and easily. However, if you are working in a very large register, it can slow down the loading time if you have multiple register tabs open for different organisational units and objects.
Let us imagine that you have an organisation comprised of several business units throughout the country. Each regional sub-unit has its own local registers containing objectives, risks, controls, action plans, key indicators and contributing factors.
In this illustration, the objectives, risks, controls, voting template and action plan registers are open for the HR department of the South Africa branch of ABC Corporation.
In some instances, the register will be small, containing only a few items. You can have each register open for a specific unit, and quickly browse for different objects.
However, as soon as you click another business unit node in the Organisational structure tree, BarnOwl will automatically update each open register with the selected unit’s data, which can cause delays if the registers contain many items.
BarnOwl recommends that you close any unused register tabs before loading a new unit’s information, to ensure optimum loading speeds.