Tip of the Month: “Select all” or “Deselect all” in BarnOwl Checked Tree View Controls

July 1, 2015

Did you know?
You can “select all” or “deselect all” in BarnOwl checked Tree View controls by right-clicking in our risk and compliance software. This function is helpful when you need to select many processes or units quickly. For example, if you are creating a new Audit project, you can select all processes required for the audit without having to click each process and sub-process individually.
This function is particularly useful in your search for quality risk and compliance data and specifically, in BarnOwl reporting. For example, if you are creating an Action Plan per Unit report, you can select a node (in this case, ABC Corporation), and then right-click to select all sub-nodes. Right-click again to deselect all selected nodes or sub-nodes.
Make sure you click the parent node – if you only want to include the sub-nodes for Cape Town, click the Cape Town sub-node and then right-click.
In some screens in BarnOwl, you can right-click to display a pop-up menu.
For example, in the Apply Template wizard, right-click in the white space. From the pop-up menu that appears, you can select or deselect all items.
You can also expand all nodes, or collapse all nodes.