Tip of the Month: Setting up Control Ratings Reminders

November 10, 2015

image006Did you know?
BarnOwl can be configured to send periodic, scheduled e-mail reminders to control owners. Control Self Assessments can be set up to be tested on configurable Control Frequency intervals, for example daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. You can specify an automatic e-mail rule for each frequency, according to its own control rating recurrence schedule.
Automatic e-mail reminders are set up by the system administrator in the BarnOwl Server Management Console. This is where the schedules are set for each control frequency. For example, if you have controls that need to be assessed on a weekly basis, you can specify on what day of the week an email reminder will be sent for those specific controls.
Configuring Control Frequency Schedules

  • In the BarnOwl Server Management Console, select General Setup, and click the Control Frequency node to expand it.
  • Click the Email reminders based on frequency textbox. Specify the recurrence pattern. For example, if you select “weekly”, the mail will be sent on a specific day each week. In this example, the day is set for Monday.


  • Make the changes you require for all the different control frequency intervals, and click Save.

Configuring the Control Frequency Mail

  • In the Control Frequency node, click “Control Frequency Mail”.


  • Edit the mail content as required, or use the default.
  • An emailwill be sent to each control owner for each control that has its frequency set to the relevant setting with a spreadsheet attached. The spreadsheet contains each control and a URL to BarnOwl Lite.
  • Click the URL to open up the control in BarnOwl Lite, where you can record your rating(s).
    image008Each control rating is updated immediately in the database when updated in BarnOwl Lite.