Tip of the Month: The New BarnOwl Libraries

November 22, 2019

Did you know?

From BarnOwl version 10, you have access to maintain the libraries for the following objects (items): 

  • Objectives
  • Risks
  • Contributing Factors
  • Controls
  • Key Indicators

Library records for each of the items listed above have always been created in the library automatically whenever a new object is captured in the system. The challenge was that it was not possible to maintain, and more specifically, delete library objects if they were de-linked from all organisational units in the system. Version 10 now makes it possible for a user with relevant permissions to maintain (new, merge, delete) library objects ensuring an up-to-date ‘clean’ library from which users continue to search & select their objectives, risks, contributing factors, controls and key indicators.  Any user with ‘write’ permissions can still create a new a new risk in the Unit registers. This new risk is linked to the unit and automatically created in the risk library where it becomes available to other users to search and use where required. 
The library maintenance functionality is an advanced function primarily aimed at designated administrators who have access to the Server Management Console. The library function can be accessed from the ERM module View Menu (Fig 1), or directly from BarnOwl Web (Fig 2).
Fig 1:
The new Web Interface still retains the original Web functionality (BarnOwl Lite, BarnOwl Open license (Voting, Action Plans, Key Indicators) and Incident capture; however, it now has the added functionality for library maintenance. Users can access the Libraries if they have an Audit license, Rich Risk License or BarnOwl Lite license with Write Library permissions. In order to delete or merge items, the Delete Library permission is required.

Library Layout

The BarnOwl Libraries all have the same layout and functionality. 
Fig 2:
The System navigation bar contains all the functions for BarnOwl Web. Depending on your license, you will be able to access the Libraries, the Unit registers, Voting and Action plans from this Navigation bar. 
The My BarnOwl navigation bar enables you to customize the navigation bar to contain your frequently-used functions, which can be grouped by user-defined categories and subcategories. 
At the top of the page, a bar is displayed which provides context to what you are viewing.
Below that, the menus are displayed. These menus contain various functions which are related to the page you are viewing. 
In the Libraries, you can access the following actions as follows:

This Menu: Contains these Options: 
New… Clicking this action will open a new form based on the library that you are currently viewing. (e.g. in the Risk Library, the New Risk for opens).
Merge Selected…  Enables you to merge two selected records in the library. 
Delete Selected…  Clicking this action will open the Delete Preview form for the library item. 
View > History  Opening an item in the library and clicking this option will display the item’s history. 
View > Linked  Opening an item in the library and clicking this option will display a drop-down list of items. Items shown in bold are linked to the item you are viewing. Click an item to view information. 
This View 
Clear Filters  Clicking this link will clear all applied filters. 
Wrap All Clicking this link will wrap text in all columns of the Library register. 
Unwrap All  Clicking this link will unwrap text in all columns of the Library register. 
Reset  Clicking this link will reset any changes you have made to the current view to the original default view. If you click this link in the Favourite View, it will reset the register to the last saved view.
Export To Excel Exports the current view to Microsoft Excel. 
Export to PDF  Exports the Current view to a PDF document. 
Add to My BarnOwl  Opens the Manage my BarnOwl page with the view ready to be added. 
Favourite View 
New… Clicking this link will open the Favourite View Information page. You can save the layout of the Favourite view, and select whether to make the view public.
Update Clicking this link will enable you to update a favourite view you are working on.
Edit… Clicking this link will enable you to edit a selected favourite view.
Delete… Clicking this link will open the Delete View page.
Manage… Clicking this link will enable you to view a list of all Favourite views
Select  Clicking this link will display a drop-down list of all Favourite views, enabling you to switch between favourite views.

For more detailed information about the Library menus, click here.

Capturing a New Library Item

When you capture an item directly in the library, the item is available to be linked to other items. In this example, we will capture a new risk in the Risk library. 
In the Action menu of the Risk library, click “New…”. 
The Risk form is displayed. 
When you capture an item in the library, only item-specific fields are displayed. (These are the fields which are displayed on the left side of an objective, risk, contributing factor, control or key indicator, and contain information which is relevant specifically to the item, not to the unit, process or template where it is linked).
Fields with a blue border are mandatory fields. 
For more information, see Capturing a New Library Item.

Merging Library Items

The Merge function in the new BarnOwl libraries enable you to merge two similar items. One item is the “winner” – the item which will be retained in the database and updated with the “loser” item’s information. 
Select the two items you wish to merge. You can only merge two items at a time.
Click the Merge Selected… link. 
The Merge form opens.
Select the “winner” – the item which will remain in the database. All information from the “loser” will be transferred to the winner. 
If two items exist in the same unit, all the data on the “winning” item will be retained and the “losing” item will be deleted. If two items are not linked to the same unit, all the links from the “loser” item will be transferred to the “winning” item. 
Select the checkbox indicating that you accept that once the loser record has been deleted, the information cannot be recovered, and then click the Merge button. 
In order to use this functionality, you require the Delete Library permission. 
For more information, see Merging Library Items.

Deleting Library Items

Deleting an item in the Library will remove the record from the entire system. All links to the item will also be deleted. 
In the item Library, select the item you want to delete. In this example we will delete a risk. 
You can select multiple risks to be deleted.
Click the Delete Selected… link. 
The Item Delete Preview opens.
The item (in this case, the risk) is shown, as well as all items to which the risk is linked. The risk will be deleted, and the links to the unit, control(s) and contributing factors will be deleted. When the item is deleted, it will no longer be available in the system. 
Click the Yes button to remove the selected item(s) or click the No button to cancel the operation and close the form. 
You cannot delete items which are in an active Vote, Workshop, Risk Assessment Process (RAP) or open Audit Project.
In order to use this functionality, you require the Delete Library permission. 
For more information, see Deleting Library Items