Tip of the Month: Using BarnOwl Scorecards

October 2, 2015

image006Did you know?
BarnOwl has built in scorecard reports, which enable you to view an average score of a selected unit or process by risk category and other dimensions displayed as a register. You can then click a score to view all the different values which make up the average score. There are four scorecards which can be viewed:

  • Unit vs Risk Category
  • Process vs Risk Category
  • Process vs Unit
  • Regulatory Requirement vs Unit

You can view scorecards from any of the template trees. However, only the registers relating directly to the template tree will be enabled. For example, in the Regulatory Universe template tree, only the Regulatory Requirement vs Unit is enabled.
To view a scorecard:

  1. From the required tree (for example, the Organisational Structure tree, as shown in this example), select the unit, process or regulatory requirement for which you wish to view the scorecard.
  2. From the View menu, point to Score Cards and then select the register you wish to view.

The scorecard you have selected is displayed. In this example, the Unit vs Risk Category scorecard was selected. The unit and sub-units are displayed, with the averages for each category. The Risk categories are shown at the top of the register as numbers.
image006The key to the categories is shown below the grid. Double click a category to drill down into the subcategories and display the average scores per subcategory.
image008You can view Inherent Risk or Residual Risk scores by clicking the image009 button to show Inherent Risks and theimage010 button to view Residual Risks.
3. Click a score in the grid to drill down into the individual scores per category. A new register opens. This picture shows the Risk Register by Risk Category [Employee]. All of the risks and their corresponding ratings and scores are shown.
You can filter and export these scorecard registers as you would any other BarnOwl register.