BarnOwl Info Sharing Insight: Compliance – One Bite at a Time… with Cherryn-Paige Bissett

October 6, 2021

BarnOwl Info Sharing session: 30 September 2021

Compliance: One bite at a time

Presented by: Cherryn-Paige Bissett, CEO – Paige Law,


Whilst compliance has always been critical to the operating of any business, many sectors have arguably paid lip service to compliance apart from sectors such as banking, financial institutions, telcos and the mining sector who face heavy fines and / or in extreme circumstances could lose their operating licenses for non-compliance.
Compliance is often seen in a negative light as being an inhibitor of business. However, this is not the case; compliance when implemented effectively is a necessary and very positive discipline assisting the organisation to run a ‘tight ship’ in accordance with the laws (locally and internationally) as well as demonstrate good governance thus protecting the organisation’s reputation and enhancing stakeholder value.
Now more than ever, especially with the advent of GDPR and POPIA (effective 1st July 2021) and the ‘teeth’ that the new information regulator of South Africa has at its disposal, compliance is foremost on the radar even for small to medium sized businesses. Add to this the huge increase in cyber-attacks with data theft and ransomware attacks and one realises that compliance is no longer negotiable.
Thank you very much Cherryn for presenting at our info-sharing event held on 30th September 2021. We had a great turn out. Thank you to all those who attended.

5 steps to the successful implementation of compliance

The culture of the organisation is a critical element and the compliance (and risk) function needs to help people understand the risks that they are running and for the business to take responsibility. For this to happen, we as compliance professionals need to take our stakeholders along the journey with us and explain the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’.

In summary

In summary, compliance may be painful to implement and the benefits may not be seen immediately, however taking compliance in bite size chunks and applying a sound methodology goes a long way to easing the pain, getting the buy in from your various stakeholders and guaranteeing success. Compliance is a critical building block in the building of a more capable and resilient organisation.

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