BarnOwl Newsletter: April 2018

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Latest Insight: Asking The Right Questions

The last 20-25 years has seen a broad effort to transform the field of risk management into a science. One in which we see complex matrices with convoluted weightings, multiple parameters and rating mechanisms, quantitative and qualitative inherent and residual risk, where…



BarnOwl was proud to sponsor the 9th CIGFARO Public Sector Audit and Risk Indaba 2018, hosted at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from the 26th to the 28th of March. READ MORE

Upcoming Events


April 26th 2018

Information Sharing Session with Anton Bouwer

May 3rd 2018

BarnOwl Spotlight Session on BarnOwl Report Builder

July 12th –
August 7th 2018

Cruywagen- IRMSA Risk Laboratory

Past Events


March 26th-28th 2018

CIGFARO Audit & Risk Indaba 2018

March 23rd 2018

Gauteng Provincial Treasury Internal Audit and Risk Management Forum

GRC News Roundup

‘Do you agree that internal audit should not directly assess culture but instead audit how management ensures an appropriate culture?’ Insight by Norman Marks
Are you using the right metrics? Read Jim Pelletier’s latest blog post, “Measuring Internal Audit’s Value”.
Information Sharing Highlights:
Enjoy watching the highlights from our Infosharing sessions thus far!.

Tip Of The Month – Viewing The History Of An Item

Did You Know

You can differentiate between item-specific information and unit/process/template information in the following item capture forms: Objective, Risk, Contributing Factor and Control.This means that you can add item-specific data which will remain constant, no matter where the object is applied. If changes are made to the risk itself, these changes will be carried out wherever the item is applied.
You can also add unit-specific data to the item when it is applied to different units, or to a process or template.

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