BarnOwl Newsletter: February 2016

BarnOwl Newsletter

February Edition 2016

In this month’s issue:


1. Feature Article – “Compliance – A Business Imperative”
2. Latest Insights – “South Africa Risk Report 2016”
3. RFT Template
4. Upcoming Events

5. Key Insights
6. Tip of the month

Featured Article
Compliance – A Business Imperative
Many organisations see compliance as a ‘necessary evil’ and in many cases try to ignore it hoping it will go away. Whether we like it or not compliance is here to stay and it’s not only getting more and more complex in an increasingly complex and connected world, but is having a bigger and bigger impact on business.
Latest Insights
South Africa Risk Report 2016
The South African Risk Report was officially launched on the 10th February at a breakfast presentation hosted by IRMSA at the Johannesburg Country Club. The turnout was excellent. Well done to Gillian and her team! Michael Ferendinos, (Chief Risk Officer of AECI) who is the chairman of the IRMSA risk intelligence committee did a brilliant job of taking us through the salient
points of the 2016 risk report.
RFT Template
Proposal Template

When evaluating governance, risk management, compliance and audit software, one needs to take a critical look at the GRC and Audit marketplace to determine the best solution for your organisation. In order to make the right decision, it is important to ensure that the software you choose will meet your current requirements as well as envisaged future requirements.


Download our Request for Proposal Template for Governance, Risk, Compliance and Audit software for a comprehensive list of system requirements from which you will be able to identify your key requirements.

Key Insights

The Biggest Risks Are Sometimes the Ones We Never Talk About

By CEO – Tarsus Technologies Group


Wow what a presentation. Thank you Miles. I think everyone will agree that we were spell bound and highly entertained by a real heart to heart, honest and refreshing look into corporate culture. My short write up won’t do justice to what Miles spoke about. Fortunately we videoed the event which will soon be up on the web-site and well worth a look at.

Upcoming Events
Spotlight Session
In our efforts to continually improve the BarnOwl experience, we are hosting “Spotlight” sessions that take a quick and intensive view on various topics.


For this session, we will focus on:
Incident Management end-to-end: an overview of incident management in BarnOwl and integrating Incident Management into the RM process“.
Invites to go out soon.
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