BarnOwl Newsletter: March 2017

BarnOwl Newsletter
March Edition 2017
In this month’s issue:

  1. Key Insights – Is Risk Management Software The Yellow Brick Road To Risk Maturity?
  2. Risk Management Guide – Selling Risk Management to the Board and the Executive
  3. Past Events – BarnOwl March Spotlight
  4. Upcoming Events  The Governance Conference
  5. Tip -Of -The -Month  Creating and Using Custom Incident Registers
Key Insights
Several surveys and studies conducted over the last few years have set out to clearly define, measure, and assess risk maturity using several indicators, attributes and methodologies, the application of which has had varied levels of success when organizations attempt to…
Guide to Selling Risk Management to the Board and the Executive
This guide takes a critical look at the value of Management / Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) and what it means to each of the stake holders (including the board and executive) and the organisation as a whole. The guide addresses some of the reasons why many senior executives are hesitant to implement RM in their organisation/s and suggests practical recommendations for the implementation of effective RM…
Upcoming Events
The Governance Conference
Date: 22nd May 2017
Venue: Emperors Palace

Past Events
BarnOwl Spotlight Session- 23rd March 2017

BarnOwl’s first Spotlight for 2017 focused on the use of the BarnOwl Workshop functionality and demonstrated the seamless integration of the Turning Point voting devices.

The power of the technology was demonstrated with easy-to-use procedures to create your workshop, capture your results, update your Risk Registers with the results and report on your risks.

Tip – of – the – month
Creating and Using Custom Incident Registers
Did you know?

BarnOwl enables you to create custom ‘incident’ registers, which can be used to record and monitor many different activities in your organisation…
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BarnOwl is a fully integrated governance, risk management, compliance and audit software solution used by over 200 organisations in Africa, Europe and the UK. BarnOwl supports best practice risk management, compliance and audit frameworks (e.g. COSO, ISO31000, Compliance Institute’s handbook, International Professional Practice Framework), whilst offering a highly flexible and configurable parameter-driven system allowing you to configure BarnOwl to meet your specific requirements.