Tip of the Month: Maximising Screens in BarnOwl

July 25, 2016

Tip of the Month – Maximising Screens in BarnOwl.
image006Did you know?
In the latest version of BarnOwl, you can maximise certain Capture/Edit screens as well as the History screens in the Enterprise Risk Management module.
You can maximise the Risk Capture/Edit screen and the Contributing Factor Capture/Edit screen.
In the Risk or Contributing Factor Capture/Edit screen, click the maximise button in the top right-hand corner:
The screen is maximised to display fully on your screen.
In any Capture/Edit screen where you can view the Audit trail history, click the History image007 button to open the Audit Trail.
Click the Maximise button and the screen is displayed as a full screen.
To return to the smaller screen option, click the “restore down” button in the top right hand corner.