Tip of the Month: Screens Open in Edit Mode

April 26, 2016

image006Did you know?

In BarnOwl version 8, all BarnOwl Capture and Edit screens open automatically in Edit mode. This means that when you open a Capture or Edit screen, you no longer need to click the Edit button. In all Capture/Edit screens, the Edit button is greyed out.
After you have captured or edited information in a screen, you can save in two ways:

  • By clicking the Save and Close button
  • By clicking the Save button to continue editing

If you click the image005 button, the item will be saved, and the screen will be closed.
However, if you click the image006 button, all information that you have added is saved, and the screen is locked for editing, but does not close. In this case, if you wish to continue working in the screen, you need to click the Edit button.