Selling Risk Management To The Board And The Executive: IRMSA Annual General Meeting

May 21, 2017

BarnOwl were proud to sponsor the IRMSA 13th Annual General Meeting and Breakfast Presentation, held on Thursday 21st June 2016, at Johannesburg Country Club in Woodmead. We were welcome by Gillian le Cordeur the CEO of IRMSA and given great feedback in the president’s report on the progress of IRMSA over the past year delivered by Sheralee Morland. In addition, we welcome the election of two new executive committee members being Berenice Francis and Malebu Makgalemela.

IRMSA is going from strength to strength with individual membership growing significantly to almost 2000 members as well as corporate membership growing steadily. IRMSA is doing a fantastic job in terms of the professionalisation of Risk Management with 80 members writing board exam one and some members having written the CRM Professional Pilot Board Exam 2 in March 2016.

Jonathan Crisp, Director at BarnOwl presented BarnOwl’s latest thought leadership ebook on ‘Selling Risk Management to the Board and Exco’ which aims to:

  • Communicate the value of ERM/GRC to the board and the executive
  • Understand the role / expectations of various stakeholders in ERM
  • Answer typical queries/objections when it comes to investing in ERM
  • Promote the need and importance of a robust ERM process / program and how this may be achieved

Included in the presentation is a link to a video where we interviewed Berenice Francis, Group Commercial Executive, Imperial Holdings, Ingrid Ravenscroft, Head of Internal Audit, Mercantile Bank and Gillian le Cordeur, the CEO of IRMSA regarding the state of risk management in their respective organisations and how the risk management discipline has evolved over the past few years and continues to evolve. You can view the interviews at: In addition, you can download the ‘Selling Risk Management to the Board and Exco’ presentation here. You may also wish to see the video of Jonathan Crisp’s presentation here

Duncan Wernberg, one of IRMSA’s first exchange students sponsored by the Cruywagen IRMSA Risk Foundation presented on ‘Risk Management, a business enabler or a compliance issue? Duncan spoke about the how far the risk management discipline has come and how it has evolved from a ‘compliance issue’ to a true ‘business enabler’. Duncan continues to work on a research project based on interviews, questionnaires and literature. We look forward to the results of this research project. You can download Duncan’s presentation here. We particularly liked the following quote from Duncan’s presentation:

“Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you”

-Theodore Roosevelt

BarnOwl is proud to have a close working relationship with IRMSA and to contribute to the advancement of the risk management profession and discipline. Once again thank you to IRMSA for all that you do to advance our profession.


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