BarnOwl Newsletter: April 2016


BarnOwl Newsletter

April Edition 2016

In this month’s issue:

1. Featured Guide – “Selling ERM to the Board and the Executive”

2. Latest Insights – “The Risk & Reward of Free Diving” & ” The Benefits of an Effective ERM Strategy”

3. Upcoming Events – “Economic Review & Outlook 2016” by Nikky Weimar, Senior Economist – Nedbank (NOT TO BE MISSED)
4. Key Insights
5. Tip of the month

Featured Guide

Selling Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) to the Board & the Executive

This guide takes a critical look at the value of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) / Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) and what it means to each of the stake holders (including the board and executive) and the organisation as a whole. The guide addresses some of the reasons why many senior executives are hesitant to implement ERM in their organisation/s and suggests practical recommendations for the implementation of effective ERM.

Download the guide to help you:

1. Communicate the value of ERM/GRC to the board and executives.

2. Understand the role / expectations of various stakeholders in ERM.

3. Answer typical queries/objections when it comes to investing in ERM.

4. Promote the need and importance of a robust ERM process / program.

Latest Insights

The Risk and Reward of Free Diving

Freediving refers to competitive breath-hold diving and is also known as competitive apnoea.

The oldest evidence of freediving has been found about 10,000 years ago on the coast of the Baltic Sea. This ancient civilisation has been named “The Clam Eaters” because the remains of clams and shellfish have been found indicating these people obtained their food from the ocean floor by means of freediving.

The Benefit of an Effective ERM Strategy

An effective, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy has become widely recognized as a key contributor to the achievement of objectives within an organization, regardless of the size of the organization, or the industries they ply their trade in. As opposed to just putting a risk management policy in place, or compiling and assessing a list of risks, ERM is dependent on a coordinated effort throughout the various departments, divisions or business units to manage the organization’s risks in a holistic, synchronised fashion, including responding to these risks, and the opportunities or threats that arise.

Key Insights

7th Annual Audit & Risk Indaba

BarnOwl was proud to sponsor at this year’s IMFO Audit and Risk Indaba. The annual 3-day event, which took place from the 04th April to the 06th of April was held at the Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel in Cape Town. The theme was “Good governance and value for money without compromising sustainable service delivery”.

Upcoming Events

Info Sharing Session
“Economic Review & Outlook 2016” by Nikky

Senior Economist – Nedbank

5th May 2016

Spotlight Session on “Compliance”
17th May 2016

Did you know?

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BarnOwl is a fully integrated governance, enterprise risk management, compliance and audit software solution used by over 200 organisations in Africa, Europe and the UK. BarnOwl supports best practice risk management, compliance and audit frameworks (e.g. COSO, ISO31000, Compliance Institute’s handbook, International Professional Practice Framework), whilst offering a highly flexible and configurable parameter-driven system allowing you to configure BarnOwl to meet your specific requirements.