BarnOwl Newsletter: March 2016

BarnOwl Newsletter

March Edition 2016

In this month’s issue:


1. Featured Article – “It’s a Turf War on a Global Scale”
2. Latest Insights – “Still Using Excel for Risk Management and/or Audit?”
3. Upcoming Events

4. Key Insights
5. Tip of the month

Featured Article
It’s A Turf War, on A Global Scale
“Paris attacks will add to Wall Street anxiety”, “Thousands feared dead in terrorist attacks on US”, “Marikana violence is a sign of things to come”…….

News headlines of this nature often spread hysteria far and wide, whether stirred up through the mainstream media, or whipped into a frenzy via social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Stock markets plunge, consumer confidence nosedives, businesses bolt down the hatches in fear of the shockwaves, and families relocate to perceived “safer” places.

Latest Insights
Still Using Excel for Risk Management and/or Audit?
Most of us and especially the younger generation understand the power and benefits of technology and yet we often choose to ignore better ways of doing things and stick to the ways we have always done things. For example, Excel is still often the tool of choice and used in preference to or outside of an enterprise database-driven solution. There is a proliferation of Excel spreadsheets floating around all organisations.
Key Insights

BarnOwl Spotlight Session


BarnOwl proudly presented a “Spotlight” session on 15th March 2016 covering the topic of Incident Management. Thank you to Dionne for delivering such an informative and entertaining Spotlight session. A big thanks to all the customers who made the time to attend and we do appreciate the feedback received.

The Biggest Risks Are Sometimes the Ones We Never Talk About

By Miles Crisp CEO – Tarsus Technologies Group


If you were unable to attend our last info sharing session, we have you covered! The video is up on our website and is well worth a look at!

Thanks again to Miles. I think everyone who attended will agree that we were spell bound and highly entertained by a real heart to heart, honest and refreshing look into corporate culture.

Upcoming Events
Information Sharing Session
5th May 2016
Spotlight Session
17th May 2016
Invites to go out soon.
Did you know?

In BarnOwl version 8, a Save and Close button was introduced to all BarnOwl Data forms.


When you click the Save and Close button, you have the option to select whether the “Save Successful” message is displayed.


BarnOwl is a fully integrated governance, enterprise risk management, compliance and audit software solution used by over 200 organisations in Africa, Europe and the UK. BarnOwl supports best practice risk management, compliance and audit frameworks (e.g. COSO, ISO31000, Compliance Institute’s handbook, International Professional Practice Framework), whilst offering a highly flexible and configurable parameter-driven system allowing you to configure BarnOwl to meet your specific requirements.